The hardest thing about living with two siblings in separate nurseries.

If it’s just you and your husband, or if you have a grandparent who can help you with childcare and pick up and drop off, then you may be able to cope with your siblings going to different schools. If you are a single parent, having two siblings at different nurseries can be much more of a burden than you might expect.
Here are some of the real difficulties of having two siblings living in different nursery schools.You must cope with events for two children at different nurseries.
You may be surprised at how many events your child must attend, such as festivals, sports days, school plays, field trips, etc. Sending two children to two different nurseries means that there are almost twice as many events at each nursery.
If you have two children at the same nursery, they will have the same events, but if they are at different nurseries, they will have the same events on different days.
If they were at different preschools, they would have to attend the same events on different days. It’s quite a challenge when you’re on your own, taking videos with the handycam and doing parent-child competitions.
Even the usual morning routines at nursery school, such as how to put on the futon cover, how to get ready in the morning and what to say, vary from school to school. Parents have to learn each school’s way of doing things. It can be a bit of a rush.
Other times, for example, the older child’s nursery has a cold that has spread to the younger child’s nursery. When the older child has to leave early because of a cold, the younger child has to be picked up as well, so it takes a lot of time just to pick up the younger child.
This is one of the difficulties of having siblings at different schools.