Ornamental dolls (hina-Ningyo)

A puppet set is usually made up of about 15 puppets arranged on a staircase of five to seven steps, with an overall length of three to six feet. In many cases, dolls become family heirlooms that are passed down from generation to generation. Also, grandparents can purchase a new set for their granddaughter or give the gift of a doll to a family member or friend. At this time of year, you may see a set of dolls in a shop window. In the Edo period, a minister gave a doll to the eldest daughter of a shogun for her seventh birthday. The custom of giving and displaying Hina dolls at court and among the nobility became widespread. I did. However, the origins of this festival go back much further. In ancient China, and later in Japan during the Heian period, there were festivals to pray for health and good luck. One of them was Momo-no-Sekku, a festival to pray for health and good fortune. Dolls made of raw paper and floated in the water with sins and bad luck led to the appearance of the dolls, which are still practiced in some areas today. Even today, peach blossoms are still an integral part of Hina matsuri. It is said that peach blossoms represent the happiness of marriage and the gentleness, calmness and serenity that are characteristic of women. They are there. In the past, girls used to entertain the miniature dolls by offering sweet wine, cakes and candy to them. It was open. But the lore says that if you spend too much time playing with your dolls, your husband will be harder to find. There are, and so the dolls are packed up as soon as the festival is over. On May 5, just like the Hinamatsuri, a celebration is held for boys to wish them good luck and good health during their growing up years. Instead of Hinadolls, warrior dolls representing strength and loyalty are presented to boys. The festival is also characterized by the raising of a banner with a carp emblem, called Koi Nobori, which is thing. The carp swimming against the upstream current symbolizes strength and overcoming difficulties, and the flower is a symbol of a girl’s fruitfulness. It is said to symbolize a wish.