To work as a Geisha

To work as a geisha, you first need to learn the basics. In the process of learning, many people would specialize in a particular art form, of which dance was considered the most noble. Apprentice geishas, maiko, would complete their training by accompanying a confirmed geisha to their appointment as they began to master the various specialties. The sisters of the geisha are bound together by their relationship, with the eldest daughter passing on her knowledge to the young woman and gradually bringing her into the closed circle of geisha. In order for the newcomer to be successful, she needs to attract attention and build her own clientele. When she has finished training, she will enter the path of the geisha and start making her own appointments. Today, the training of the geisha remains roughly the same, although it is probably shorter. Also, apprentices must of course enter the profession voluntarily, but apprentices are now, on average, 17 or 18 years old. The lucky geisha can find a rich patron, called a danna, who provides financial security.