The amount of baby food on the market is too small.

In Japan, the amount of commercial retort-packaged baby food is very small.
Most Japanese mothers usually make their own baby food,such as mash vegetables, tofu, meat, etc. into a messy mess.But one Japanese mother living in France wanted to feed her baby Japanese baby food when she came back to Japan, so she gave her baby some ready-made food.
The taste and price were good, but she was surprised how little Japanese baby food is .And there’s no meat or fish in it at all! It’s quite common. In Japan, she had to feed two or three bottles with every meal, because in France, a bottle of baby food weighs 200g, whereas in Japan it is usually 70-100g.
In France, babies eat one bottle of baby food with every meal, whereas in Japan, they are given two bottles of commercial baby food for Japan? Or do Japanese babies eat less? This is a mystery.
Also, in Japan, many mothers make their own baby food, from the ingredients. That’s why there seems to be a very small variety of commercial baby food compared to France. Isn’t it true that babies who eat baby food every day always end up eating the same food? Japanese mothers are very busy, going to work, taking their children to and from nursery school, taking care of their children at home and doing housework. In order for them to be able to rely on baby food without feeling guilty, there should be more variety and repertoire of baby food.
Also in Japan, many people touched babies or tried to hold them in their arms on trains and buses. Especially grandparents in their 60s and 70s. They would touch the baby’s cheeks, head or feet without asking us, and say “”Wow! How cute! “and try to hold the baby in their arms.