Auspicous things in Japan

Fish, such as carp, are considered a symbol of good luck and abundance. Money bug is considered to be a symbol of money luck. It symbolizes good luck along with wealth. Marble and jewels symbolize wisdom and wealth when placed in the paws of a lucky cat. Fans and drums both symbolize business luck, especially drums, which symbolize a shop overflowing with customers. The gourd is hollow inside and was often used by Fukurokuju, one of the seven gods of good fortune. It is believed to ward off bad luck and bring good luck. These are the most common lucky charms associated with the Manekineko, but there are many more things associated with it as well. If you’re lucky, you’ll see him raise his left paw, his right paw, or in some cases, both. The position of the paw is not just an artistic choice. Each gesture has a clear meaning and belief, but it varies from person to person. Raising the right paw brings wealth and good luck. Raising your left paw attracts customers to your business. Raising both front paws provides protection. The higher the paw is raised, the higher the cat is said to be, the more luck it brings! Although most often seen in their original calico form, beckoning cats are also available in a variety of colors. As well as variations in gesture and decoration, these are symbolic, and each color is associated with a different good luck. White is positivity and purity. Black is protection from evil. Money is wealth and prosperity. Red is marriage, love, and other personal matters. Green is education and health. Blue is intelligence, wisdom and success. Pink is love and romance. Yellow is stability, health, and relationships. The Maneki Neko has appeared in various forms in pop culture. They have appeared in literature, anime, and video games. These cats have become ubiquitous, popping up on nearly every continent. The Manekineko is popular among fans of Japanese culture as well as those interested in amulets. They can be found hiding in trinkets in Asian specialty shops or as decorations at Japanese festivals.